It’s now safe to eat red and processed meat?


It’s now safe to eat red and processed meat?Did you happen to hear the headlines a few weeks ago telling us it’s now safe to eat red and processed meats? I sure did, and as I suspected, it was “baloney.” (Rule #1: Assume everything you hear or read is probably untrue until you research it.)

The article making that claim was printed in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the same publication that 5 years ago stated we no longer had to be concerned with saturated fat. You may recall the sensationalized headlines which followed, such as “Butter is Back.” But what you may not know is that the Annals had to later issue a correction due to the major errors contained in that article.

That same journal has now published an article that Americans no longer need to limit the amount of red and processed meat they’re consuming. And as expected, the article is filled with misleading information based on flawed study design, disputable interpretations, questionable funding, and the authors opinions that Americans won’t give up their meat. In fact, the study results actually support the opposite of what the authors are claiming!

When this made the news, backlash immediately ensued by many respectable organizations which pointed out the flaws in the article. Here are a few articles you’ll find helpful:

Dr. Pam Popper: Are Red and Processed Meats Safe to Eat?

Dr. T. Colin Campbell: Hullabaloo! A State of Confused Noise Surrounding Meat Consumption

Dr. David Katz: In an interview with The Independent

Dr. Neal Barnard: Journal Advice to Eat Cancer-Causing Meats: Science or Clickbait?

There are many other rebuttals out there, but I’m sure you get the gist. How irresponsible for this panel to cherry-pick which studies to include and mislead people into eating the very foods that are making them sick and leading to premature death.

Please, please do not base your food choices and health decisions on rigged science or glamorized headlines. Read my article on how to evaluate what your hear and read.

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It’s now safe to eat red and processed meat?

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