Business 5 in 5 with Dr. Andrew Belis


5 Questions in 5 Minutes

An interview with Andrew Belis, DPM, a double board-certified podiatrist / surgeon / owner at the Orthopedic Center of Florida in Fort Myers,

What are the services of your company and your practice in particular?

Business 5 in 5 with Dr. Andrew Belis

We have multiple specialists here that range from back specialists and pain management, shoulder orthopedic, shoulder specialists, orthopedic hand surgeons to nonsurgical hand services. We also have a full range of diagnostics at our fingertips such as X-ray, digital X-ray, ultrasound, EMG, and NCV. in addition, we also have foot and ankle services. I’m the lead foot and ankle surgeon and podiatrist.

We treat the full range of pediatrics and adults as well as geriatrics, so we kind of see the full gamut of different types of foot and ankle problems. In addition, I’m also a fellowship director. Each year we train a fellow, a podiatrist surgeon out of their residency who is looking for additional surgical training and experience. They work hand in hand with me in the operating room and other services that we provide. They also see patients preoperatively and postoperatively to help with patient flow and to experience how these patients do.

What’s the brief history of your association with this company?

Business 5 in 5 with Dr. Andrew Belis

I came out of school and went to residency in both New York and in Baltimore. I originally came to Southwest Florida in 2001. I joined a one-man, non-surgical podiatry practice in Cape Coral and built it up to be very proficient at surgery, and very well known in the community. We flourished together. I did a lot of bigger, more complex procedures and developed a really good reputation in the Cape Coral area.

The Orthopedic Center of Florida, and the partners here at the time, expressed interest in me joining as their primary foot and ankle physician. It was good timing. I joined and subsequently became a partner here, part owner. Things have really taken off and we’re doing great.

How did you get into this line of work?

Business 5 in 5 with Dr. Andrew Belis

In the sixth grade, we had the opportunity to dissect a cow’s lung and heart. I remember everybody in my class did not want to go near it. I recall just going around the room and helping everybody in their dissection methods. And you know, even growing up I was always good with my hands and I like to fix things, to be hands-on from a spatial standpoint. So, since then I always wanted to be in the medical profession.

It was about the time when I was in college at Boston University, where I met a podiatrist. I never knew about podiatry before. And, this doctor had such a great life. He had a great personality. He did surgery. He did dermatology. He did vascular, all kinds of procedures, but all specifically to the lower extremity. For me, this was very attractive.

Business 5 in 5 with Dr. Andrew Belis

So, I applied to podiatry schools and decided to go to the one that was closer to home in Pennsylvania at Temple University. Once I went into that school, I really loved it. It’s been a great ride ever since. I really love what I do.

What do you see as your firm’s competitive advantage?

The physicians, staff, and administration really have the patient’s best interests at heart. We’re all very experienced. We are really the top-notch in our field of what we do. We don’t hire people just to hire people. We hire people because they are the right fit for our organization.

Business 5 in 5 with Dr. Andrew Belis

Our primary goal is great patient care. We don’t do a lot of advertising in general because our goal is not to just get everybody coming to us because of a good marketing campaign. Our patients find us based on word of mouth and physician referrals. And we pride ourselves on that because that really tells the public that we do right by our patients and we do good work.

We really care about our patients. And it shows, because patients refer us to their friends and their family.

Where do you see your company and your industry in five years?

We are embracing new technology. We have embraced some of the newer healing technologies that are out there. For instance, we do laser treatment. We do injections of PRP and growth factors. In addition, I see us growing by adding partners and physician extenders, again, not for the sake of growing, but more because of the great patient population. We must provide them great care and coverage in a timely manner. I think that we continue to improve our staffing and our staff training. Most all our medical assistants are certified. Our physicians are fellowship-trained and we’re constantly providing more and more services for our patients. The healthcare system is constantly evolving. So, I think the good thing is that we are small enough that we can also evolve with the ever-changing healthcare system.

Business 5 in 5 with Dr. Andrew Belis

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