Factors that influence Thyroid Function


Have you noticed that hypothyroidism and other thyroid diseases seem to continually increase? I have. That’s why I’m sharing today’s video by Dr. Pam Popper in which she explains which supplements, drugs, and foods interfere with the absorption of thyroid hormone, and the adjustments we can possibly make.

I did a little more digging, too. According to goodrx.com, levothyroxine (the synthetic form of the the thyroid’s main hormone, thyroxine) is the most often prescribed drug in the US, and one of the most widely prescribed worldwide.

Yet, a study shown on the American Thyroid Association’s website indicates levothyroxine therapy may be overused.  The study reveals that sometimes patients are prescribed levothyroxine for a long time, but it is not clear why it was started or if they still need to be taking it. The study performed on 291 levothyroxine-treated patients revealed that after stopping the drug for 6-8 weeks, 61% of them continued to have NORMAL thyroid hormone levels.

Factors that influence Thyroid Function

According to the study, “The authors concluded that a substantial proportion of individuals taking levothyroxine in whom the original indication for treatment is unclear, may not need to be taking this hormone. The authors highlighted the importance of ensuring that the original diagnosis of hypothyroidism is fully evaluated and documented in medical records and that levothyroxine use be periodically re-evaluated in treated patients.” (Emphasis mine).

I “bolded” that last statement to bring awareness to the importance of knowing what factors could result in an unfavorable blood test. As Dr. Pam points our in her video, there are things that suppress or interfere with normal thyroid function that we can make adjustments for.

(Note: her discussion of thyroid function starts at about the 4:00 mark, but the first part of her video is very informative also! She discusses e-cigarettes – not only the health concerns emerging from their use, but the increased usage by teens and adolescents – especially of the flavored varieties. It turns out that vaping is NOT healthier than cigarettes after all, and the FDA has sent a warning to one of the main manufacturers stating that they’re violating FTC advertising regulations by claiming that it’s so.)


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Factors that influence Thyroid Function

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