Gose with Everything


5 gallon batch 50% pils, 50% wheat malt Single Infusion

Mash at 154° F for 60 min. Adjusted wort to 4.5 PH with Lactic Acid. Bring wort to 200° F then cool to 95° F and added 8 capsules of Swanson’s L.Plantarum. Purged Kettle with CO2 and covered with Saran Wrap. Keep the wort at 90° F for 24 hrs and got the PH down to 3.2. Bring wort back to a boil and then immediately started cooling. Added 10 g crushed coriander, 14 g pink Himalayan sea salt, and 1 oz galaxy pellets at flameout. Cooled to 70° F and pitched Safale US-05. Kegged after 10 days.

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Gose with Everything

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