Viva! Vienna!


Single Infusion mash @ 154° F for 60 m. Add Midnight Wheat with 10 minutes remaining for color adjustment with scant roast impression. Calculate mash pH with base malts only. Target Mash pH- 5.3.

BIAB, full volume mash technique. Chill wort to 50° F. Aerate through shaking or oxygen. Pitch slurry or equivalent fresh generation yeast. Hold initial fermentation temperature at 50° F for five days. Ramp up 5° F every 12 hours to 65° F thereafter. Hold at 65° F for five days, taste fermented beer to confirm terminal attenuation and desired flavor profile. Crash beer to 34° F, decreasing 5° F every 12 hours. Hold at  34° F for five days.  Rack chilled beer to keg, add heated gelatin solution (1 tsp finings/1 cup water @ 150° F) on top of racked beer.  Let settle for 12 hours, then burst carbonate at 30 psi for 36 hours. Drop serving pressure to 10 psi thereafter.

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Viva! Vienna!

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