Hot Schnitzel


Mash at 151°F for 60 minutes at 5.3 pH. Heat to 170°F to mashout via HERMS, then fly sparge to collect 8.75 gallons of wort. Boil at low intensity for 90 minutes then chill to 70°F with ground water.

Rack to fermenter, then chill to 45°F in chest freezer over 2-3 hrs.  Rack to second fermenter, leaving behind all settled trub. Oxygenate with pure oxygen for 3 minutes, then pitch yeast slurry. Ferment at 50°F for 5 days or until fermentation starts to slow, then raise temp by 5°F daily to 70°F. Leave at 70°F for 5 days, then keg, then cold crash while force carbonating to 2.5 vol CO2. Clarify with gelatin.

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Hot Schnitzel

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