FudgiesAs kids, our nickname for Fudgesicles was “Fudgies.” They’re basically fudge popsicles – cold, creamy, and chocolatey. What could be better?

How about a healthy version!

I was excited when a friend posted this Fudgesicle recipe by Dreena Burton on facebook, because I like her recipes and I had a feeling her fudgies would be delicious.

And oh yes, they are! Hubby also gives them a definite thumbs up.

The only drawback was my popsicle molds, which are made of hard plastic. It was difficult to remove the fudgies without the stick pulling out first. So I had to run them under warm water, which is why the fudgie in the photo looks partially melted.

Time to invest in some silicone popsicle molds, because this recipe’s a keeper!


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